Focus Music: Enhance Study/Work Efficiency

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Note: 30 Minutes Audio Track to be listened in loop as long as you want to study or work with stereo headphone/earbuds.

Listen music and improve efficiency for work & study :

Increase Focus, Concentration, Memory – Binaural Beats – Focus Music

14 HZ &  432 HZ , WATER FALL

14 to 11 Hz Binaural Beats

  • Focus or Concentration Music is ideal at 10-14 Hz for office work
  • Increase Concentration on task & keep Awake
  • Alert focusing, vitality
  • Increased focus on learning, Business writing, Problem-solving, Computer work & ¬†Research work, Doing Homework and exam study task(School, College, University)


  • Used for Studying, for Concentration, for Memory, for Focus & for efficient work
  • Used for Relaxation, Meditation, and Stress Relief
  • Used for Spa, Massage, Healing, and Soothing.
  • Study and relax while listening this music

This video music (10-14 Hz & 432 Hz ) contains frequencies which will greatly increase Focus, Concentration, and Memory while Working or Studying Information.




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