Best Quit Addiction Music Ever: Binaural + Isochronic + Solfeggio

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We know how any kind of addiction, be it tobacco, smoking, drinking or drugs, is dangerous not only for the self but for entire family. If we cant quit addiction at right time, we and our family might have to pay for it emotionally and financially too.

Knowing all these facts, still its not easy to quit those bad habits and that the reason we have came up with this music track, which will help you by boosting your energy and will power. It may take some time, but you have keep patience and have faith in self to achieve your goal.

Music Contains:
7.5 Hz: Isochronic Tone + 8 Hz: Binaural Beats:

Giving sensation of Joy & Healing, and gives some sort of feeling of satisfaction which helps your will power to quit smoking/drugs/alcohol.

  • For healing purposes
  • self visualization in a healing situation
  • Treatment of Addictions
  • Give physical energy
  • Associate with DNA repair

417 Hz: Solfeggio Scale,

  • Produces Positive energy and energizes body cell to bring about changes
  • Increases creativity
  • Reduce negativity and break up negative emotion
  • Reduce stress and enhance mood
  • Clears negative past events
  • Inspire to achievement of life goals
  • Reduce psychological dependence

And relaxing & beautiful background piano track to help you enjoy the session.



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